Galaxy Note Series says goodbye to mobile phone industry


The Big Boy of the Galaxy Note or Android mobile phone industry is about to leave the mobile phone industry altogether. So, although this is very sad news for Samsung Note users around the world, it has now been confirmed that this news is true. Many international websites have reported that the Korean website etnews has been quoted as saying that the Galaxy Note will be excluded from Samsung's annual smartphone production plan for 2022. 

The immediate cause

The Galaxy Note has suddenly had to say goodbye to the mobile phone industry with the decision of Samsung to pay full attention to their new foldable smartphone line-up. Samsung is reportedly planning to sell 13 million units of its foldable line-up Z Fold and Z flip by the end of 2022. So you can see that this figure is more than the 12.7 million units sold in the Note 10 series released in 2019 and 9.7 million units sold in the Note 20 series released in 2020. As a result, even the Korean media is reporting that Samsung has decided to extend the trade space that the Galaxy Note previously had to folding devices. As you may remember, the Galaxy Note 21 is scheduled to be released in September this year, but Samsung has dropped it as well.

Is S22 another Note phone?

Many would argue that what really stops here is the S series, not the Note series. The biggest reason for this is that many people point out that the new S22 Ultra phone is completely the design of a Note phone, or the camera setup has only become a slightly different Note 20 Ultra. You may remember that the S21 ultra phone released last year did not have an S Pen slot, but supported the S Pen. But this time around, the S22 Ultra will include an S Pen slot, so many analysts are of the opinion that what has really happened here is that the S series has stopped and instead been re-branded as the Note series, the S series. The S22 line-up may be a combination of the Note and S series designs. This is because the S22 Ultra phone has leaked renders but not the usual S22 and S22 Plus. Perhaps the S22 and S22 plus come from the design of the standard S series, and the S22 Ultra from the Note series design.

Will there be updates to the existing Note?

There is no doubt about this. As per the latest software update schedule that Samsung has introduced from 2019, the Note 10, Note plus will get the OneUI 4 with Android 12 as the latest Android OS update, and the security patch update for another extra year. The Note 20 / Note 20 Ultra models will also get Android 12 and Android 13 and will get a security patch update from 2023-24.

So if you already have a phone in the Note line-up, you do not have to worry about software updates.

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