Fiverr First Order Tips: The Ultimate Guide You Need to Know


Are you new to Fiverr and trying to figure out how to get your first order? You've come to the right place! Fiverr is a platform that connects freelancers with clients from all over the world. It's an excellent way to make money online and build a successful freelancing career. However, getting your first order can be a daunting task, especially if you're new to the platform. In this article, we'll share some valuable tips that nobody told you about getting your first order on Fiverr.

01. Optimize your Profile
Your profile is your first impression on Fiverr. Make sure it's complete, professional, and stands out from the crowd. A complete profile includes a profile picture, a description of your skills, education, and experience, and a portfolio of your previous work. Make sure you highlight your strengths and unique selling proposition.

02. Offer a Special Promotion
Offering a special promotion is a great way to get your first order on Fiverr. You can offer a discount on your services or add some extra services for free. It will help you to attract clients who are looking for a good deal. Once you get your first order, you can stop offering promotions.

03. Create a Gig Video
Creating a gig video is an excellent way to showcase your skills and personality. It gives clients a better understanding of what you offer and helps them to connect with you. Make sure your video is professional, engaging, and highlights the benefits of working with you.

04. Use Relevant Keywords
Using relevant keywords in your gig title and description can help your gig to rank higher in Fiverr's search results. Make sure you use keywords that are relevant to your skills and services. You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to find the best keywords for your gig.

05. Share Your Gig on Social Media
Sharing your gig on social media can help you to reach a wider audience. You can share your gig on your social media profiles or in relevant groups. It will help you to get more visibility and attract potential clients.

06. Respond to Buyer Requests
Responding to buyer requests is an excellent way to get your first order on Fiverr. When a buyer posts a request for a service, you can submit an offer. Make sure your offer is relevant to the buyer's needs, and you provide a clear description of your services.

07. Offer Excellent Customer Service
Offering excellent customer service is crucial to getting repeat business and positive reviews. Make sure you communicate with your clients promptly, deliver your work on time, and provide revisions if necessary. It will help you to build a positive reputation on Fiverr and attract more clients.


Getting your first order on Fiverr can be challenging, but it's not impossible. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of getting your first order and building a successful freelancing career on Fiverr. Remember to optimize your profile, offer a special promotion, create a gig video, use relevant keywords, share your gig on social media, respond to buyer requests, and offer excellent customer service.

We hope these tips help you to get your first order on Fiverr. Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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